Dam Line of Stallions & Many Very Successful Dressage Horses

WEDGEWOOD LADY at the age of 16 (May 2005).


WEDGEWOOD LADY by Weltmeyer x Bumerang


HANOVERIAN MARE - CHESTNUT - BORN 1989 (†2007) - 16.1 h.h. (165 CM STM)


WEDGEWOOD LADY by Weltmeyer is a full sister of three approved Hanoverian stallions: 


  • HARMONY'S WEISMULLER - based on The Half Halt Newsletter October 2005 (page 4): "a once-in-a-lifetime-if-you're-lucky horse", owned by Leslie Malone of Harmony Sport Horses in Colorado. Under Holga Finken, WEISMULLER was highly placed at the Federal Championship Final of three-year-old stallions in Warendorf 2000. He was qualified for the Federal Championships in 2001 and in the meantime, he is successfully competing in the United States up to Intermediaire-level under Susan Jaccoma (see below).
  • WEDGWOOD was one of the 10 premium stallions of the Verden Stallion Licensing in 1994 and is successfully competing up to advanced dressage level.
  • WEIZENJUNGE is a dressage prospect and successful up to medium level.


Apart from that, WEDGEWOOD LADY is the sister of five Verden auction horses.












Dam Line


The dam line is the basis of breeding successes. As far as WEDGEWOOD LADY is concerned, there is a huge quantity of successful sport horses involved. WEDGEWOOD LADY is registered in the Hanoverian Studbook with a total score of 8.0. Apart from that, she is the full sister of the three approved stallions:


  • WAGEMUT by Weltmeyer *1990 – most expensive non-licensed stallion at the Verden Stallion Licensing in 1992 (USA).

  • WEDGWOOD by Weltmeyer *1992 – licensed stallion, one of the 10 premium stallions of the Verden Stallion Licensing in 1994, high dressage placements up to St. Georg-level.

  • HARMONY'S WEISMULLER by Weltmeyer *1997 – licensed stallion, winner of  the Regional Hanover Championships in 2000, highly placed at the Federal Championship Final of three-year-old stallions in Warendorf 2000. He was qualified for the Federal Championships in 2001 and today successfully competing under Susan Jaccoma (USA) up to Inter I-level.

  • WEIZENJUNGE by Weltmeyer *1998 – licensed stallion, dressage prospect and successful up to medium level.



Weismuller - Victorious up to Advanced Dressage Level



Below an extract of The Half Halt Newsletter August 2004 (page 9) about HARMONY'S WEISMULLER can be found:



by Anne Tracy


Susan Jaccoma saluted the judges after her Prix St. George test on Harmony’s Weismuller and with a euphoric smile exclaimed, “You have not idea what fun that was!” The judges apparently shared her euphoria – how could they not? – and have her a 70.5 score in a large class of entries at the annual GMHA Dressage Days, July 23 – 25, 2004, in a first-place tie with Sharon McCusker and Maestro.


Harmony’s Weismuller is a 7-year-old chestnut Hanoverian stallion by Weltmeyer; he has the definitive stallion presence without all the single-minded stallion characteristics, though he’s not above an occasional whinny to the girls in the warm-up ring! He’s obviously a show-off, but Susan’s aim of keeping him fresh and happy is evident; with a sunny-tempered élan and a relaxed tail, he flowed through the PSG movements with the same “isn’t it fun” enthusiasm as his rider. They also won the next day’s Intermediare 1 with a 67.50.

Weismuller, owned by Harmony Sport Horses in Colorado, is the first stallion Susan has campaigned with. She’s had him 14 months and can pinpoint the day a few months ago when he essentially said “OK, I love you, we belong together.”


“He would trot through fire for me, he’s always asking “What’ll we do now?” He’s the kindest most perfect horse, and we’re having a real blast together; I can barely wipe the grin off! Like any stallion, he can be a little opinionated sometimes, but every day he puts on his business suit and gives 800%.” Susan and Weissmuller have only competed three times – no working up through the levels for all to see his progress – and GMHA’s PSG Friday was only his fifth FEI test; they showed once in Florida, at UNH, and at a little show in Maine near Susan’s farm in Arundel. 



Weizenjunge – Approved Stallion and Dressage Prospect

WEIZENJUNGE, approved stallion, full brother of WEDGEWOOD LADY.


WEDGEWOOD LADY is also the sister of four Verden auction horses:


  • WISCHNU by Westwind *1985 – successful up to medium dressage level.

  • GINA by Goldfasan *1986 – successful up to medium show jumping level (USA: third level).

  • GLENBURNIE by Goldfasan *1987 – successful up to medium show jumping level.

  • MAI TAI by Mangan *1991 – successful up to elementary dressage level.


Last but not least WEDGEWOOD LADY is the sister of WONDERBRA by Walt Disney II *1993 – At her mare performance test, she achieved the best final score of all mares competing for the Lüneburg regional breeding district. High placings up to medium dressage level.



SPM Bullerbue - Embodies Hanoverian Breeding History


State Premium Mare BULLERBUE is the dam of WEDGEWOOD LADY, and she embodies Hanoverian breeding history. She won various divisions at mare shows, and her trot was judged with a 9.0. At the Louis-Wiegels-Show, she was shown with the family of her dam, State Premium Mare DOMÄNENFEST. The family was awarded a prize. Apart from that, State Premium Mare BULLERBUE won riding horse ability classes and tournaments. She is also the sister of DISKRET by Dirk one of the most successful dressage horses in the United States.



Diskret - One of the Most Successful Dressage Horses in the USA

Regina Galoppi-Benfante (USA) and DISKRET by Dirk.


DISKRET by Dirk, *1979, 17.3 h.h., Hanoverian 


A small riding horse collection completed the stallion licensing in Verden in 1982. The top horse of this collection was DISKRET by Dirk out of SPM Domaenenfest by Domaenenrat. Following a long odyssey, the liver chestnut gelding was finally sold to Regina Galoppi-Benfante, New York. With the help of her trainer Karen Rohlf, she was the dominating rider at American Prix St. Georg competitions for junior and young riders. They won countless championships and achieved numerous USDF awards. In 1992, they were first at fourth level and in 1993 first at Prix St. Georg level in the United States. Participating at the most well known shows in the United Stated counts among their most wonderful experiences: Dressage at Devon CDI, The North American Young Riders Championship (part of the winning Bronze Medal team of 1993), USET Festival of Champions (winners of the Young Rider team test in 1993) and The Florida Show circuit. Regina writes: "For these successes, I own thanks to DISKRET, he was "one in a million" - a compliment for the breed of this horse with a heart of gold".




Dirk by Duft II - Sire of Diskret

DIRK by Duft II at the German Agricultural Show in Frankfurt 1974.


The Offspring Are Also Excellent Jumpers


But the offspring out of this dam line are also excellent jumpers. GINA by Goldfasan out of State Premium Mare BULLERBUE won jumper tests of medium level (USA: third level). Under the former German Champion Carsten-Otto Nagel, GOLDLEHN by Goldfasan out of BUDO (full sister of State Premium Mare BULLERBUE) won advanced level show jumping competitions.


A sound conformation, longevity and an excellent fertility distinguish most of the show mares out of this dam line. The latest show mare, SOPHIA LOREN by Sherlock Homes, won the division of two-year-old mares in Rodewald 1996, the division of three-year-old mares one year later as well as the division of four-year-old mares in 1998. SOPHIA LOREN was also placed at the Louis-Wiegels-Show in 1997 as well as at the Regional Mare Show in Nienburg 1996. Apart from that, she successfully competed at riding horse ability classes.







1998 - David Copperfield by Donnerschwee


DAVID COPPERFIELD by Donnerschwee *1998 – at the age of three, sold to the successful dressage rider Christoph von Daehne (Germany).



1999 - Red Indian by Rubinstein

RED INDIAN at the age of seven (2006).


RED INDIAN by Rubinstein *1999 – sold at the Vechta Spezial-Auction to Germany.


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2000 - SPM Dreamy DMJ by Donnerhall

2008 Louisa Lüttgen (GER) and DMJ DREAMY won the "Prize of the Best" Championships, Gold and Silver at the European Championships and Bronze at the German Junior Championships.


State Premium Mare DREAMY DMJ by Donnerhall *2000 – scores of her mare performance test: basic paces 8.17 – test rider 8.0 – was sold at the Elite Auction in Vechta to the German Dressage Champion 2005 (ponies) Louisa Lüttgen (Germany).


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2001 - VPM Cherry DMJ by Blue Hors Cavan

VPS CHERRY DMJ at the age of three years (April 2004).


VPM CHERRY DMJ by Blue Hors Cavan *2001 – Verband Premium Mare of the Oldenburg Society. We will keep this outstanding premium mare in our barn as a further broodmare prospect to continue and to foster this valuable dam line. 





2002 - DMJ Denver by De Niro

DMJ DENVER at the age of six years (February 2008).


DMJ DENVER by De Niro *2002 - Promising dressage prospect sold to Sweden.





2004 - DMJ Dr. Pepper by Blue Hors Don Schufro

DMJ DR. PEPPER at the age of one year (May 2005).


DR. PEPPER by Blue Hors Don Schufro *2004 – Promising dressage prospect sold to a well-known Dutch stallion raiser.


See also DR. PEPPER



2006 - DMJ Darwin by Blue Hors Don Schufro

DMJ DARWIN at the age of 3 1/2 month (August 2006).


DMJ DARWIN by Blue Hors Don Schufro *2006 – Promising stallion prospect sold to a well-known Dutch stallion raiser.