Dam Line of the Glorious Champion Stallion Romadour II

SPM WEDDING ROSE at the age of ten (June 2010).


SPM WEDDING ROSE by Wolkentanz II - In foal to Don Schufro




In 2003, State Premium Mare WEDDING ROSE by Wolkentanz II was awarded with gold. The full sister of the dam PATRIZIA, State Premium Mare PALOMA, gave birth to the two approved stallions FREESTYLE and FLAMMENGOLD. FREESTYLE won his stallion performance test in Neustadt/Dosse. The Westphalian dam line produced inter alia the breeding stallions DISCO STERN, FREUDENTANZ, PARETTI, PAZIFIK, ROMADOUR I and the glorious ROMADOUR II (all State Stud Stallions). PAZIFIK and ROMADOUR II also won German Agricultural Show competitions.



DMJ Wedding Rose (July 2009).


Wolkentanz II
(Hano) chestnut
(Hano) chestnut
World Cup I
(Hano) liver chestnut
Woermann (Hano)
SPS Sendernixe (Hano)
SPS Anka
(Hano) bay
Absatz (Hano)
SPS Adelsbuch (Hano)
SPS Lovely
(Hano) grey
(Hano) black
Lugano I (Hano)
Allexa (Hano)
SPS Artige
(Hano) grey
Aristides (Hano)
Feurige (Hano)
(Hess) chestnut
Parademarsch I
(Westf) chestnut
Paradox I
(Westf) chestnut
Papayer xx
SPS Arnika (Westf)
SPS Dahlie
Damhirsch (Westf)
Cyklame (Hano)
SPS Piroschka
(Westf) bay
Perlkönig I
(Westf) brown
Pilatus (Westf)
Libelle (Westf)
(Westf) bay
Romulus I (Westf)
SPS Geisha (Westf)



Dam Line

State Premium Mare WEDDING ROSE descends from the approved Westphalian dam line of ROMADOUR II. Following her successful mare performance test, she was awarded State Premium Mare and the gold medal at the Elite Show in Münster 2003.


DMJ WEDDING ROSE was awarded State Premium Mare and the gold medal at the Elite Show in Münster 2003.




Many high-quality breeding stallions descend from the mare-line based on the old Dorn-mare DORETTE. It is a comparatively small, but extremely successful family, including two German Agricultural Show Champion stallions, among them ROMANDOUR II who is one of the most important German breeding stallions.


It is obvious that the mares pass on the fantastic inheritance of their dam line. High awards at mare shows are proof of the high quality of the conformation, however, which also shows in their foals. It is only logical that breeding stallions who descend from such marvellous and approved dam lines are highly appreciated by the breeders.



Patrizia – Champion Mare of the Elite Show in 1997

PATRIZIA - The Champion Mare of the Elite Show in 1997 was qualified for the Federal Mare Show.

Patrizia - The Dam of SPM Wedding Rose

PATRIZIA by Parademarsch I *1992, the dam of State Premium Mare WEDDING ROSE, was the best mare of the Elite Mare Show, hosted by the Society of Hessen Horse Breeders in Kirchhain in 1997. She was qualified for the Federal Mare Show. Apart from that, she was one member of the victorious regional champion family. 


PATRIZIA is also the dam of:


Premium mare SALLYZIA *2004 by Sandro Hit - the dam of i.a.:


  • DRAGON HILL by Damon Hill *2011 - Premium stallion in Münster-Handorf in 2013, sold for EUR 240.000 to Paul Schockemöhle (GER) and HP Horses (DEN).


FLAMMENGOLD by Florestan. South German Dressage Champion.

PATRIZIA is also full sister to:


State Premium Mare PALOMA by Parademarsch I *1990 – first-class award (1C) at the Federal Mare Show in 1998, Champion mare of her mare performance test with a final score of 8.15. Offspring, i. a.: 


  •  FLAMMENGOLD by Florestan I *1994 – Premium stallion in Münster-Handorf in 1996 and South German Dressage Champion 2000, high placings up to Inter I dressage level.
  • FREESTYLE by Florestan I *1996 – licensed stallion and winner of his stallion performance test, today breeding stallion in the Netherlands.


State Premium Mare PRETORIA by Parademarsch I *1995 – in 1998, winner of the division of three-year-old horses. Winner of her mare performance test with a final score of 8.5


State Premium Mare PRIMERA *1996 by Parademarsch I - Best 3-year-old mare in Hessen 1999 with a final result of her mare performance test of 8.5. mare.


State Premium Mare PRIMAVERA *1997 – Champion mare of the Elite Mare 

Show 1999 in Hessen. Winner of her mare performance test with a final score of 8.5. 



SPM Piroschka - The Granddam of SPM Wedding Rose

State Premium Mare PIROSCHKA by Perlkönig I *1980, is the granddam of State Premium Mare WEDDING ROSE and the full sister of State Premium Mare PEGGY by Perlkönig *1975, the dam of: 


  • PAZIFIK by Parvenü *1980 – Winner of a German Agricultural Show in 1984. 
  • FREUDENTANZ by Frühlingsstern *1983 – Warendorf State Stud Stallion.
  • FRANCIS by Fransisco *1987 – the dam of ULYSSES by Upan la Jarthe AA *1991 (Moritzburg State Stud Stallion).
  • PARETTI by Parademarsch *1989 – Warendorf Stud Stallion.



Pazifik - Winner of a German Agricultural Show

PAZIFIK by Parvenü - Winner of the German Agricultural Show 1984.


Roxi - The Great-Granddam of SPM Wedding Rose

ROXI by Romulus I *1969 is the great-granddam of State Premium Mare WEDDING ROSE, and she was successfully competing at shows. Offspring i.a.:


  • SYLVANA by Silvester *1977 – offspring i.a.: FLEUR DE MARIE by Fittipaldi *1988 – offspring i.a.: ROSENTÄNZER by Royal Angelo I *1992 (Moritzburg State Stud Stallion). 
  • WALESCA by Wunderlich *1981 – offspring i.a.: FLORINA by Florestan I *1981 – offspring i.a.: FALCONE by Ferragamo *1995 (privately owned stallion in Westphalia). 
  • D’AMORE by Disko Star *1983 – offspring i.a.: AKITAN by Akitos * 1988 (Moritzburg State Stud Stallion). 



Romadour II - Winner of a German Agricultural Show

ROMADOUR II has the same pedigree as ROXY - the Great-Granddam of SPM WEDDING ROSE.


Apart from that, ROXI is the full sister of the approved stallion ROMAN by Romulus I *1980 (privately owned stallion in Rhineland). At least but not last, ROXI has the same pedigree as (both dams Gunda and Geischa are full sisters): 


  • ROMADOUR I by Romulus I *1967 – Roman was his masterpiece. At the age of seven, in 1978, Roman already won the World Jumping Championships under Gerd Wiltfang (GER). 
  • ROMADOUR II by Romulus I *1969 – winner of his stallion performance test 1972 and of a German Agricultural Show 1976. He produced one successful offspring after another. His most important offspring was Rembrandt 24, the multi-champion of Nicole Uphoff. ROMADOUR II died at the age of 14.
  • RETINA by Romulus I *1966 – offspring i. a.: DISCO-STERN by Disco Star *1982 (Marbach State Stud Stallion).









2007 - DMJ Dontecito by Blue Hors Don Schufro



DMJ DONTECITO by Blue Hors Don Schufro *2007 - sold to a Canadian team rider. 





2012 - DMJ Dannemann by Dannebrog

DMJ DANNEMANN at the age of 7 days (February 4, 2012).


DMJ DANNEMANN by the Celle State Stud Stallion Dannebrog *2012 - sold to a Danish dressage rider. 





2013 - DMJ DOM PERIGNON by Dannebrog

DMJ DOM PERIGNON at the age of 7 weeks (April 17, 2013).


DMJ DOM PERIGNON - Top dressage prospect and very well moving colt by the Celle State Stud Stallion Dannebrog (also out of our breeding) by Don Schufro.