Dam Line of Maat I & II and Dressage Champion Weserperle

SPM BEAUTY BOLERA at the age of 17 (May 2006).


SPM BEAUTY BOLERA by Bolero x Wenzel II




Our highly-awarded State Premium Mare BEAUTY BOLERA (4x 1A-prize, 3x best in her division, 1x Champion Mare of the Show) descends from the marvellous BOLERO, who left his imprint on a whole generation of Hanoverian dressage horses. He produced countless federal champions and top auction horses; including the European Championship individual silver medallist and Jerez (Spain) World Championship team bronze medal champion BEAUVALAIS ridden by Beatrice Ferrer-Salaz.


The granddam of State Premium Mare BEAUTY BOLERA, State Premium Mare MAZURKA, is a full sister of MAAT I and MAAT II (Celle National State Stud). She gave birth to the international Grand Prix dressage horse WESERPERLE S who won the gold medal at the European Championships in Hickstead in 1998 under Ellen Schulten-Baumer (see below).





Dam Line


State Premium Mare BEAUTY BOLERA descends from the well-known and approved foundation stock of the Intemann-family in Visselhövede with MAAT I, MAAT II and WESERPERLE S. She is registered with a total score of 8.0 in the Hanoverian Studbook Register, and apart from that, she was highly awarded at various mare shows.


With her type, her compact and expressive conformation and her well-balanced, supple basic gaits, SPM BEAUTY BOLERA was the dominating horse at various shows, and her balance sheet highlights her fantastic qualities: 4 first-class awards, 3x winning mare of her division and 1x convincing Champion Mare of the Show.


In 1994, she successfully passed her mare performance test in Verden with extraordinary scores: walk: 8.0 – trot: 8.0 – canter: 8.0 – average score rideabiltiy: 8.0 – average score jumping: 7.5. With a final score of 7.83, she was awarded State Premium Mare and registered into the first-class Performance Studbook of the German National Equestrian Federation.



Weserperle S - European Champion

Ellen Schulten-Baumer and WESERPERLE S by Weltmeyer.



At the European Dressage Championships of Young Riders in Hickstead 1998, the German team competed extremely well. Ellen Schulten-Baumer and her horse WESERPERLE S by Weltmeyer presented outstanding performances, and they won the Championship title as well as the gold medal. All judges generally agreed and with a convincing lead of 240 points, the pair ranked first.



State Premium Mare WESERLAND by Wenzel won her division at a mare show as well as various show classes. Unfortunately, she died one year after the birth of State Premium Mare BEAUTY BOLERA. Together with her dam, State Premium Mare MAZURKA, and her sister, State Premium Mare WESERLIED, she won the silver medal at the Louis-Wiegels-Show in Bremen 1989. State Premium Mare WESERLAND is the sister of:


  • SPM WESERPERLE S by Weltmeyer – Finalist at the Federal Championships in Mannhaim 1993. At the Elite Auction, she was sold to the internationally well-known dressage trainer Dr. Uwe Schulten-Baumer. Under Ellen Schulten-Baumer, WESERPERLE S won the Vice-Championship-title at the European Junior Championships in Copenhagen 1996. Two years later, in 1998, they became European Champion of Young Riders in Hickstead. Successful up to Grand Prix-level.
  • SPM WATTEAU – winner at show classes.
  • SPM WESERLIED by World Cup – her offspring are already successfully competing up to medium dressage level. Together with her sister and her dam, she won the silver medal at the Louis-Wiegels-Show in Bremen in 1989.



SPM Weserland - Silver medal at the Louis-Wiegels-Show

SPM WESERLAND at the age of three years. She is the dam of SPM BEAUTY BOLERA.




State Premium Mare MAZURKA was first-class awarded at the Louis-Wiegels-Show in Nienburg. Together with her two daughters, State Premium Mare WESERLIED and State Premium Mare WESERLAND (dam of State Premium Mare BEAUTY BOLERA), she won the silver medal at the Louis-Wiegels-Show in Bremen in 1989. So far she has been giving birth to 18 foals in total; some of them were sold at Verden auctions. 


She is the full sister of the approved Stallions

  • MAAT I by Marbod - Celle State Stud Stallions.
  • MAAT II by Marbod - Celle State Stud Stallions.


Both stallions passed on the excellent qualities of their maternal ancestors ABSATZ and VALENTINO XX to their offspring: nobility, rideability and an exceptional dressage potential.






1993 - State Premium Mare Wesernixe by Warkant

SPM WESERNIXE and her charming colt by Damsey. May 31, 2009 he was awarded "Champion Colt" of the Hanoverain Foal Show in Geestenseth (GER).


State Premium Mare WESERNIXE by Warkant *1993 - dam of i. a.:

  • Donna Doreen by Donnerschwee *1998 - winner of her division at a mare show. She passed her mare performance test in Hanover with a total score of 8.26. Walk: 10.0 - trot: 9.0 - canter: 10.0 - rideability judge: 9.0 - performance under a test rider: 10.0. Today owned by Dr. Uwe Schulten-Baumer and successful up to Prix St. Georges.



1994 - Pik Beau by Pik Solo


PIK BEAU by Pik Solo *1994 – was sold at the Verden auction to Bavaria where he is successfully competing at dressage horse ability tests.



1997 - Daisy Duck by Davidor


DAISY DUCK by Davidor *1997 – Champion foal of the Foal Show in Fronhofen.



1999 - State Premium Mare Donna Bolera by Donnerhall


State Premium Mare DONNA BOLERA by Donnerhall *1999 - awarded the gold medal at the biggest Foal Show in Baden-Württemberg. Champion mare at her mare performance test (final score 8.04). Vice Champion at the National Championships in Tübingen 2002 and qualified for the Federal Championships 2002 and 2003.



2004 - DMJ Donna Denoir by De Noir

DMJ DONNA DENOIR at the age of three (Juny 2007).


DMJ DONNA DENOIR by De Noir (De Niro – Matcho AA) *2004 – Wonderful black mare sold to Denmark.





2005 - DMJ Dolciano by Blue Hors Don Schufro


DMJ DOLCIANO – Selected for the Elite Auction in Vechta: “A dressage prophet in BOLERO-look who seems to have enjoyed a “golden” youth. Light-footed movement rhythm with clearly improved moments of load bearing capacity.” Sold to Germany.





2007 - State Premium Mare DMJ Donna Danica by Don Schufro

DMJ DONNA DANICA at the age of 4 (May 17, 2011).


State Premium Mare DMJ DONNA DANICA is a first-class dressage mare and broodmare prospect, which we will keep in our breeding program to continue and to foster this valuable dam line.





2008 - DMJ Don Bolero by Blue Hors Don Schufro

DMJ DON BOLERO at the age of 3 (April 25, 2011).


DMJ DON BOLERO by Don Schufro *2008 - a gorgeous dressage prospect with an unique dressage pedigree. Sold to France.





2010 - DMJ Donna Elena by Blue Hors Don Schufro

DMJ DONNA ELENA at the age of two weeks (April 2010).


DMJ DONNA ELENA - top dressage prospect sold to an australian team rider.