Dorthe M. Jeppesen and DMJ RUBENS meet again in San Francisco - after seven years apart.
Emily Siqueira (USA) and DMJ RUBENS at the age of 20. Please click at the picture to enlarge.
DMJ RUBENS and his owner Frederica Lofquist (USA). Please click at the picture to enlarge.
Fairwind Farm is a lovely breeding farm with perfect dressage facilities tucked in the hills of Petaluma Hill, California.
DMJ RUBENS in his stable at the beautiful Fairwind Farm north of San Francisco.
For more than 12 years DMJ RUBENS has been a big part of my life. I am deeply thankful for all the good memories I have with this fantastic horse.
DMJ RUBENS still looks good at the age of 20 and he has a wonderful life in the USA. Every day he enjoys many hours at pasture.
It was a pleasure meeting DMJ RUBENS again after so many years and see how happy he is.
DMJ RUBENS has been my favourite horse for many years, before we sold him to Germany and lost contact.
Fairwind Farm is also home of the famous 25-year-old German breeding stallion Donnerschlag by Donnerhall. Like DMJ RUBENS he also looks fantastic for a horse of his age.




DMJ RUBENS will be 20


We are back from a fantastic trip to San Francisco (USA) where we visited one of our former horses, the still gorgeously shiny black Hanoverian DMJ RUBENS (by Rubinstein I out of state premium mare Dara Divina by Darling). DMJ RUBENS will celebrate his 20th birthday in May 2012.


But first the whole story: In 1993, we purchased DMJ RUBENS as yearling directly from his breeder in Germany. At this particular time, there were a couple of people interested in the promising one-year-old colt, among them the well-known riding instructor Herberg Rehbein (GER) who was still interested in his career later on.


DMJ RUBENS grew up in our active stable in Denmark, and at the age of three, he qualified for the stallion licensing 1995 in Herning (DEN). Then he was started under saddle by the trainer Claus Sørensen (DEN) who also instructed the successful dressage rider Anna Kasprzak (DEN). Claus Sørensen already praised DMJ RUBENS’ fantastic rideability, his elastic basic gaits and his predisposition for the collected exercises as well as his brilliant character in the early training stages.


Following this initial training in the spring 1995, DMJ RUBENS was allowed a well-deserved break. Besides a healthy raising, we attach greatest importance to avoiding to overwork the young horses in this early stage. Therefore DMJ RUBENS received a moderate dressage training for the next two years.


In summer 1997, at the age of five, DMJ RUBENS started his dressage training in Germany with the Grand Prix-rider Martina Hannöver-Sternberg (GER). She had celebrated fantastic successes with DMJ RUBENS’ sire, the legendary stud stallion Rubinstein I, before. The outward semblance between DMJ RUBENS and Rubinstein I was remarkable, and we were always pleased about the positive feedback about this amazing and captivating horse-rider-combination.


Martina Hannöver-Sternberg trained DMJ RUBENS for eight years, and she competed with him at several national and international horse shows in Germany and abroad. Both earned victories and placements up to advanced dressage level. We always appreciated the training methods of Martina Hannöver-Sternberg as her style to train the horses from elementary to advanced level was so very professional and horse-appropriate.


In 2005, we decided to sell DMJ RUBENS to a talented young German dressage rider. Following this sale, we lost the contact with DMJ RUBENS who had played an important role in our life for 12 years.


In 2009, by coincidence, we heard that in the meantime, DMJ RUBENS was resold and that he was gelded which led to complications he did not survive.


This was of course very sad news as DMJ RUBENS always occupied a very special place in our hearts.


We now actually thought that this would be the end of the story about DMJ RUBENS. But on a winter evening in 2011, when we were looking for videos of DMJ RUBENS on YouTube, we found a video from 2007 where DMJ RUBENS was ridden by a rider we didn’t know at the Gestüt Grönwohldof in Germany. We suspected that this was the new owner of DMJ RUBENS, and we wrote to the owner of the YouTube-channel, hoping to hear some more about his last days.


The more surprised were we to receive an answer already the following morning from San Francisco (USA), informing us that DMJ RUBENS was still alive and that he was doing fine. Our joy was of course almost boundless, and following an exchange of emails it became clear that we wanted to visit DMJ RUBENS and his new family in the USA.


The time had come in April 2012: Following a 12-hour flight and some days in the famous wine area Napa Valley, which is only one hour away from DMJ RUBENS’ new home, we had the great pleasure to meet all the nice people who now play an important role in DMJ RUBENS’ life.


The couple Phoebe Lang and Sanjay Bagai purchased DMJ RUBENS in 2007 in Germany for their daughter, and they imported him to the USA. The new owners decided during the time of quarantine to have him gelded to be allowed to have him faster in his new home, the impressive riding centre Zeitgeist Equestrian (see video here). But complications came up, and DMJ RUBENS was hard up for some time, but he fortunately survived.


DMJ RUBENS is today owned by the committed dressage rider Frederica Lofquist (USA) who allows him a life only few horses have the opportunity to experience. They match each other perfectly and successfully participated at dressage clinics with Arthus Kottas (AUT), Alex Steiner (GER) and others. We hope that Frederica Lofquist and DMJ RUBENS will have the chance to spend many more years together. They seem to be made for each other…


Important are certainly also the fantastic care and facilities at the beautiful stud and training centre Fairwind Farm, where DMJ RUBENS is presently stabled. Stud owner Sue Curry (USA), the famous dressage trainer and advanced level dressage judge, has amongst others a lot of experiences with elder horses and also owns the now 25-year-old well-known German stud stallion Donnerschlag. Like DMJ RUBENS, he looks age-appropriately excellent. Groom Emily Siqueira (USA) lovingly cares for DMJ RUBENS.


We wish to use this opportunity to thank everybody for the warm welcome in the USA. It was a great pleasure to meet all of you and to see that DMJ RUBENS is doing really well with all of you.


Congratulations for DMJ RUBENS’ 20th birthday, and we sincerely wish him all the best for the future.


Cheers DMJ RUBENS – and continued lots of success for the future!!!









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